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News From the Nordic Region

    The Development Dilemma of the Yellow Tiger (Malaysia) and White Elephant (Thailand)

    Open lecture with Kamaruddin Abdulsomad Malaysia and Thailand have achieved very impressive economic growth since the early 1970s. Many observers have predicted that both countries will become the next tiger economies of Asia. The World Bank has claimed that both [...]

    Transformations of Tibetan Sacred Landscapes: Modernisation, Buddhist Economics, and State Secularism

    Center for Contemporary Buddhist Studies invites you to a guest lecture by Anna Sehnalova, Oriental Studies, University of Oxford. Abstract The talk opens with an introduction to Tibetan indigenous notions of sacralisation of landscape and their interplay with Buddhism. To [...]

    Lunch lecture by Tom Pepinsky: “Migrants, Minorities, and Populism in Asia”

    Populists in East and Southeast Asia generally refrain from invoking anti-migrant and anti-minority sentiments as part of their mobilizational strategies. This differentiates them from “exclusionary” populists in Europe, even though many Southeast Asian countries are diverse societies with long histories [...]

    Selling the Silk Road: China’s Belt Road Initiative (BRI) in Myanmar

    Open lecture with Mads Barbesgaard, Department of Human Geography, Lund University The BRI is often described as a ‘grand strategy’ led by President Xi Jinping, centrally planned and rolled out by obedient state-owned enterprises (SOEs). The sheer size of the [...]

    ISDP Forum: Deciphering China’s Policy towards North Korea

    A common perception is that North Korea is China’s strategic asset and natural ally due to ideology, geographical proximity, great power competition, and the fact that they fought on the same side in the Korean War. A more careful look [...]