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News From the Nordic Region

    Book launch: Outrage – The rise of Religious Offence in Modern South Asia

    Whether spurred by religious images or academic history books, hardly a day goes by in South Asia without an incident or court case occurring as a result of hurt religious feelings. The sharp rise in blasphemy accusations over the past [...]

    Influence and disputes in China-Southeast Asia relations

    In the view of some observers, the South Chinese Sea (SCS) is a hot spot where a third world war could be ignited between China and the US. What are the chances of resolving the SCS dispute? To what extent [...]

    The Hong Kong crisis – from local conflict to global challenge

    This public seminar explores the political crisis in Hong Kong from multiple perspectives, including its local, regional and global implications. After several months of pro-democracy demonstrations in Hong Kong, unrest in the territory shows no sign of dying down. The [...]

    A landscape of dispossession: Interrogating the production of space in Southern Myanmar

    With the emergence of Myanmar’s ‘ceasefire capitalism’ from the late 1980s, the politics of geography – that is, who gets what, where and why, and who loses where? – were significantly reworked through spatial reconfigurations of resource extraction and capital [...]

    The Return of Chen Ching Lin: A Chinese Deserter in the British Raj, 1943-46

    Lecture with Associate Prof. Cao Yin, Tsinghua University. During World War II, more than fifty thousand Chinese soldiers were sent to India for training. Many of them, however, deserted from the army and made their livings across India. Chen Ching [...]