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Asia In Focus

The Asia in Focus journal is published online twice a year by NIAS – Nordic Institute of Asian Studies. NIAS is a Nordic research and service institute focusing on Asia’s modern transformations.

Upcoming Events from Nordic Perspectives

    Influence and disputes in China-Southeast Asia relations

    In the view of some observers, the South Chinese Sea (SCS) is a hot spot where a third world war could be ignited between China and the US. What are the chances of resolving the SCS dispute? To what extent [...]

    The Hong Kong crisis – from local conflict to global challenge

    This public seminar explores the political crisis in Hong Kong from multiple perspectives, including its local, regional and global implications. After several months of pro-democracy demonstrations in Hong Kong, unrest in the territory shows no sign of dying down. The [...]

    A landscape of dispossession: Interrogating the production of space in Southern Myanmar

    With the emergence of Myanmar’s ‘ceasefire capitalism’ from the late 1980s, the politics of geography – that is, who gets what, where and why, and who loses where? – were significantly reworked through spatial reconfigurations of resource extraction and capital [...]

    The Return of Chen Ching Lin: A Chinese Deserter in the British Raj, 1943-46

    Lecture with Associate Prof. Cao Yin, Tsinghua University. During World War II, more than fifty thousand Chinese soldiers were sent to India for training. Many of them, however, deserted from the army and made their livings across India. Chen Ching [...]

    CFP: In­ter­na­tional work­shop on “The People’s Re­pub­lic of Chin­a’s Seven Dec­ades of For­eign Eco­nomic Re­la­tions”

    The current standing of the People’s Republic of China (PRC) as a giant of the global economy and trade is undeniable. The PRC has the second largest economy in the world after the USA and is the dominant trading partner [...]

    CFP: International Journal of Taiwan Studies Topical Section: “The Politics and Poetics of Contemporary Taiwan Theatre”

    This topical section for the International Journal of Taiwan Studies (IJTS) welcomes contributions that enrich discussions on how theatrical performances after the abolition of martial law responded to politicalised experience during the martial law period. They expect the introspection of [...]

ChinaMaxx Digital Collection of e-books

ChinaMaxx is a collection of 700,000 Chinese e-books within social sciences and humanities of which some of the titles are normally out-of-print. Approx. 20% of the books can be read online and a certain amount of pages can be printed at a time.

But ChinaMaxx also functions as a book ordering website: You can request that a book is purchased for full-text online reading, by clicking the button 推荐. All requests will be handled as soon as possible and you can normally get access the day after.

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Taiwan Resource Center for Chinese Studies (TRCCS)

On 16 may the Taiwan Resource Center for Chinese Studies (TRCCS) was officially inaugurated at the TORS Center of Knowledge at the Southern Campus of the University of Copenhagen. TRCCS is the result of a cooperation agreement between the National Central Library of Taiwan (NCL) on the one hand and Department of Cross-cultural and Regional Studies (ToRS) together with NIAS Library on the other hand.

The agreement includes a TRCCS book collection with titles from Taiwan which will available for Nordic users via inter-library loan, a number of e-resources, as well as  exchange of information on new publications,  and assistance for  academic or professional events outside Taiwan.

The establishment of the first TRCCS represents a major strengthening on the information side for studies on Taiwan and Chinese studies, especially classic studies, in the Nordic countries.

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