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The Asia in Focus journal is published online twice a year by NIAS – Nordic Institute of Asian Studies. NIAS is a Nordic research and service institute focusing on Asia’s modern transformations.

Upcoming Events from Nordic Perspectives

    PhD Defence: Seven Senses of the City : Urban Spacetime and Sensory Memory in Contemporary Sinophone Fiction

    Public doctoral dissertation defence by Astrid Møller-Olsen What happens when the city you live in changes over night? When the streets and neighborhoods that form the material counterpart to your mental soundtrack of memory suddenly cease to exist? The rapidly [...]

    Transatlantic Perspectives: China’s Nuclear Policy

    No first use, limited capabilities, small arsenal – China’s approach to nuclear deterrence has historically been characterized by restraint. However, recent developments particularly in the Chinese domestic sphere suggest this restraint is undergoing change. Further exacerbating uncertainty, these domestic factors which relate to changes [...]

    Remote Anticipation: Tourism as Development in the Himalaya

    Tourism is increasingly seen as a central pathway to inclusive development across the global south, yet the promotion of tourism as development is highly intangible – relying on the orchestration and extension of markets into often remote places. What does this notion [...]

    Call for applications Kautilya Fellows Programme 2020

    The Kautilya Fellows Program is a 9-day long certificate program for scholars from around the world to understand modern-day India and its growing leadership in the world. 4 days long module on India’s Foreign Policy and India’s Public Policy delivered [...]

    Japan’s Strategy on the Free Trade Agreement: Working as a Connection between Two Major Powers?

    Stockholm seminar on Japan with Professor Takemasa Sekine, Nagoya University of Commerce and Business, Japan. For more information, please see the attached file. RSVP by January 24. [...]

    Position, Postdoctoral Fellowship in Taiwan Studies, Oregon State University

    The Chiu program for Taiwan studies at Oregon State University invites applications for a postdoctoral fellowship for the academic year 2020-21. Based on the support from the Chun and Jane Chiu Foundation, the fellowship program is set up to support the following [...]

New resource : ChinaLawInfo

Provides access to legal news, laws & regulations, judicial cases, law journals, international treaties, white papers, legal glossary and guides to world law.  There is also an English translations version which enables comparison with the original Chinese text.

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Taiwan Resource Center for Chinese Studies (TRCCS)

On 16 may the Taiwan Resource Center for Chinese Studies (TRCCS) was officially inaugurated at the TORS Center of Knowledge at the Southern Campus of the University of Copenhagen. TRCCS is the result of a cooperation agreement between the National Central Library of Taiwan (NCL) on the one hand and Department of Cross-cultural and Regional Studies (ToRS) together with NIAS Library on the other hand.

The agreement includes a TRCCS book collection with titles from Taiwan which will available for Nordic users via inter-library loan, a number of e-resources, as well as  exchange of information on new publications,  and assistance for  academic or professional events outside Taiwan.

The establishment of the first TRCCS represents a major strengthening on the information side for studies on Taiwan and Chinese studies, especially classic studies, in the Nordic countries.

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